I signed up to join the International One Yonsei club which was one of the few clubs in Yonsei that was tailored towards international students and the english speaking community in Yonsei University.

The club offers CIP opportunities and trips to go attend with other international students. This was a really pleasing opportunity as I felt that interaction with other students are limited in school. Apart from my time in the Yonsei soccer club, there are not many opportunities to meet other international students as there are very few others in the engineering courses.

During the 3rd week of school, an orientation or as the koreans call it ,membership training, was held in a resort in Incheon. Incheon was rather far away from our campus and it took around 2 and a half hours for us to reach the resort.


it was a really fun experience as we had BBQ and got to play games together. I was really interesting to understand the different reasons people from different countries and walk of life choose to come to korea and learn the language.

Some of them had korean roots and others worked in a korean company in their native countries. While there was also a fair bunch of girls from the state that were fans of BTS ( a popular boy band).

This was a really pleasant experience and I am looking forward to the next event held by the club.


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