Exciting Line-up – Day 1 – Bol4 & Jannabi Day2 – Younha, Chungha & Zico Day3 – XXX & 임창정

Fun-filled 3 days of festival in Hanyang to celebrate their 80th year with food,games & concert at night. Heard from my Korean buddy that Rachios is held twice every year (Summer & Fall) and the events are organized by the fully-organized by the students themselves.

Was tempted to skip Korean class on the second day as lesson was during the concert, but being a good student from SUTD, I went for class. Still managed to catch Chungha & Zico after class ended.




Bracelet to enter Hanyang Zone for concert
Food Trucks









The crowd during Bolbbalgan’s performance. We were using the flashlight from our phones during the sing-along.

Also including a Professional Fan-cam of Bol4 instead of my blurry video ~ Really liked the atmosphere during their performances with all the sing-along & cheers.


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