Jagalchi Market

The first thing next morning, we headed over to the iconic Jagalchi Market, where you can try the freshest seafood. You can choose what you want to eat on the first floor and they will bring it up to the second floor, which houses many restaurants, where they will cook it up for you. You’ll be able to find seafood that you could only dream of in Singapore, just look at the size of the prawns we found!


We spent the whole morning walking around the markets and we stumbled upon a grilled fish restaurant, a must try in Korea. We ordered the grilled fish platter and some sashimi for lunch. The grilled fish came with grilled tuna, flounder, hairtail and snapper. It was a feast! Highly recommend anyone heading over to Busan to try this out!


Gamcheon Cultural Village

After the heavy lunch, we made the mistake of deciding to walk to Gamcheon Cultural Village, which was said to be roughly 40min away from our lunch spot. What we did not realise was that the walk was 80% uphill. With our full stomachs, we slowly hiked up through the hilly town to reach Gamcheon from Jagalchi. The cultural village is a very instagram-worthy place with the colourful landscape and graffiti along the streets. You can also take a photo with the Little Prince statue from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, But be warned that there may be a queue. If you don’t like snapping photos, you can also choose to look for small souvenirs in the little shops that scatter the village (which is what i did).

Busan Tower

View from Busan Tower at night

After the cultural village, it was getting late, so we headed back to the Nampo-Gu area, near our accommodations. We then went to check out Busan Tower, which was built as a tourist attraction. Around the tower you can find a event space and a few cafes. It is actually a really nice place to chill at in the evening. It costs roughly SGD10 to head up the Busan Tower. After Busan Tower, we headed out for dinner and concluded our day!

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