This week I flew off to Arizona to meet a legend. A couple months ago I won Smackathon a music blockchain hackathon organized by Pitbull. As part of winning we get to meet Steve at DestechAZ. This was a pretty unreal moment as this was a dream come true. I was starstruck when I saw Steve.

It was fun talking to Steve Wozniak, he is a true tech geek at heart. We mentioned about our startup Hypervalence and discussed about how we intend to enrich the current music industry with this idea. Later on, we discussed on watches, and Steve mentioned how he used to add straps onto 6th gen ipod nano prior to the creation of apple watch. We talked about film, music, and how the arts relates to the technological landscape. He was so genuine and it was a joy talking to him. The life events that had happened to me so far still feels unreal. I’m like “Is this real life?”.

After the conference, we explored the rest of Pheonix and Arizona. The weather had been perfect apart from the rain. Being a desert, the weather was pretty dry. We were fortunate to come at the right time where the weather was scorching not hot. Arizona is scenic and beautiful, we went to the parks and traveled around for sights in the region.

One memorable place I visited was the music museum. It was filled with interesting musical instruments. One instrument that I was particularly fond of is the octobass. It is huge. You play the instrument by standing on a platform. As the strings are particularly thick you it is difficult to supply enough pressure to hold the strings down properly. If you can see clearly, there are levers on the side which you could pull to stop the string. After which you can simply bow like a regular string instrument. The sunsets at Arizona are beautiful. They are sights to behold, no photo shopping required.

There was a particularly interesting rock formation which was called hole in the rock. Instagram worthy photos were taken there. #nofilter

You can see the hole in the featured image right at the top. It’s a fascinating place to be at, you could stay there for hours contemplating about life.

Pizzeria Bianco

One food highlight of Pheonix would have to be Pizzeria Bianco. They make really good pizzas. I will never forget the taste. We ordered a margherita and wise guy. The combination of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and freshly prepared dough made this an palatable experience. The combination of texture, sweetness, savoriness, blew my mind. If I were to head over to Pheonix once more I would definitely eat this again.




Arizona was fun, gotta head back to Taiwan once more!

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