Midterms just ended for most of my papers. Since there was nothing really interesting that happened as days were mainly in school finishing work and studying.

Financial management – For this particular module, we were given a list of questions the week before and the midterms question would be from there. We were also allowed to bring in notes during the actual exam. Since the questions was given, even though some of the questions are complicated, the exam was manageable as we were able to understand and solve the questions before the exams. The writing was pretty intense as the questions were open-ended and answers were long.

Database & Networks – Mid terms was manageable. The content tested are mainly things from the slides and things that were the professor went through in class

Introductory Korean – Mid terms for Introductory Korean was on the week before. We were tested on four different components, listening, reading, writing, speaking.

Overall, I do find the courses more manageable as compared to the modules that I have taken in SUTD. Even though they do not have a ‘recess’ week for revision/catching up on school work, the longer semester means that there is less content each week and more time for internalizing the contents before moving forward.

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