Heres a little adventure of mine and Nic over the last weekend. It all begin with a simple question of “What do you want to do over the weekends?” Then we came up with the idea of travelling to Taichung (Central Taiwan) over dinner, and planned for the trip within 2hours after dinner.

THEN GUESS WHAT? We set off few hours later before dawn and even before the public bus started their operation. Fortunately, we got our trusty bikes weeks ago when we just arrived in Taiwan. So we rode to Taipei bus station to buy a midnight bus ticket to Taichung. And for some weird reasons, the bus ride was super long AND UNCOMFORTABLE on the way to Taichung, almost 4 hours!!!(But the return trip was lesser than 2.5hours)

But our torture did not end there. Upon reaching Taichung, we had to transfer bus to Sun Moon Lake and the amazingly uncomfortable bus ride took another 3 hours before we reached our destination. In short, we started off the trip with the bus rides sapping away most of our energy and excitement already. HAHAHAHA!

Nonetheless, we made it to the all famous Sun Moon Lake in Taichung.

The famous granny tea leaf egg~

Loving my new found love from night market~~

Arrived at the Pagoda after a 25mins fast hike.

Breath taking view from the top of the pagoda~

It was a fun and tiring trip, as we went to the biggest night market in Taiwan, Fengjia Night Market, right after Sun Moon Lake. Then we took another midnight bus from Taichung back to Taipei.

Fengjia Night Market is crazy~~

So we also tried this interesting fried chicken cutlet from the night market, the squid ink all black chicken cutlet. And well, it taste just like normal chicken cutlet..

So we went on to the original devil’s cutlet store in the night market for the amazingly nice cutlet we first encountered in Shilin night market.

The cutlet was.. Sweet!?!? But it was pleasantly sweet. XD

The trip was so tiring that we slept till about 2pm the next day after we returned from the trip. So we decided to skip lunch because we were simply too lazy to get out of bed! Hahas! In the evening, we went to Costco for dinner. Then Nic went crazy and decided that we should declare the man-vs-food war against Costco 18″ pizza.

Result: We lost..

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