Autumn is approaching and the weather has been perfect to spend more time outdoors!

Nested within the bustling city of Seoul are several parks offering a quick escape and boasting beautiful views. Definitely due for visiting before it gets too cold for a casual stroll.

View from the World Cup Stadium, Seoul

There are several huge parks within walking distance from the World Cup Stadium. Haneul (Sky) Park is one of the more popular parks among the locals, perhaps due to its accessibility in comparison to the other parks. A relatively short flight of steps leads to Haneul Park, and I was immediately greeted by a vast field of tall Eulalia grass.

Haneul Park

Visiting Haneul Park during what is supposedly the “best time” of the year (autumn), there was an expectedly large gathering of people posing for pictures and admiring the scenery. However, the tall sea of grass provided sufficient cover to lighten the pressure of the crowd, and added a tinge of privacy for photoshoots.

Field of Eulalia Grass

Haneul Park also overlooks the Han River and much of Seoul, offering breathtaking views as the sun sets. Enjoying a short respite from the impending midterms was a good decision indeed!

Kwan Meng

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