I'm a baller

Hey there! Dan here, I’ll be taking you through what I did in our 7th week in POSTECH, Korea.

I went to Gyeongju, capital of the ancient Silla empire in Korea which was a city near Pohang as well.

Being a super awesome fashion model

We were recruited to be ‘fashion models’ for the Gyeongju World Expo,which was a performance on the entire ‘world.

Being foreign students, our portion would be ideally that we dress up in our traditional dresses.

The thing is, there isn’t a traditional attire for Singapore. And some of my friends couldn’t fit into their attires.

In the end we kinda just mixed around and got whichever one that fitted us. I got Japan!

Ballin w friends now

The event pretty much had us walk around a stage, displaying the various traditional attires of the world. I’d have to say, they put a lot much effort into the Korean display(duh). They even had professional models for that segment(as opposed to a bunch of university students)

Honestly the Koreans looked really good. Pity I don’t have any photos of them but i bet you could find some in their traditional dresses online.


It was fun though! And we also got some sweet sweet compensation for our time, hehe ($.$)


Gyeongju has some other wonderful sights as well! But I think some of my friends have covered that in their blogposts already. So do go other to the earlier blogs to read about it if you have not.

Here is a sneak peak

We also toured the beautiful city as well.

And no blog post is complete without a photo of the observatory.

Im up high high highhh


Exams are coming up and we gotta get hustling for that ‘P’ grade here as well, So I’ll sign off early this week



Signing off,


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