This is going to be a short post but i’ll be posting some places where you can find a good spot to study for your midterms! If you’re like me and CANNOT study in your own apartment/room, these are a few good spots to go and get into the right study mood.

  1. Faculty Building

Most faculty buildings have a large study area with free seating and power plugs for students. The faculty building that i have my classes at, IT/BT building, even has a small cafe which you can study or just grab coffee from. I usually use this space in between classes.

2. Paiknam Library

Hanyang University’s library. I’ve only been here once but it’s a very conducive environment to study at! Here, you will see Korean students mugging all around. If you ever feel sleepy or in need of a nap, the first floor offers some sleeping pods and private rooms to use. (It’s not uncommon to see a student dead asleep in the middle of the library). The only reason why i don’t visit the library that often is because its located right at the top of the hill which Hanyang University sits on, and i don’t want to climb up.

3. Cafes galore

My favourite place to go and get work done. Cafes in Korea take it to the next level, from the aesthetics to the facilities. Most cafes looks very aesthetically pleasing and the cafes around Hanyang University even offer power plugs at most seats for students to use their laptops.  The cafe on the right (There is no english name for it) is my favourite place to go as it’s located right at the bottom of the hill that Hanyang University sits on. It also has 3 floors so you can probably find seats even on a busy day.

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