Week 7 of school has arrived and it almost marks the halfway mark of my semester in Yonsei University.

Studying in Korea and back in SUTD in is slightly different. Back in SUTD most of the studying in done in libraries due to its convinience of location and free wifi avaiable.

In Seoul, there is a galore of Cafes available. There are mutiple themed cafes and of course some of them are known as ‘study cafes’. Of which, I personally enjoy a cafe named “BookCafe” located right next to my Goshiwon.

For a reasonable cost of 5,000 won. The cafe offers a nice ambience and conducive study enviroment.


During the week, I visited Hanuel Park as well. It was filled with any scenic spots and I would reccomend it to people hunting for “Instagramable” spots within the city.


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