The Hanyang gang goes to Nami Island!

We went on a day trip out of Seoul to Gapyeong to visit the Garden of Morning Calm and the famous Nami Island.

The Garden of Morning Calm was really beautiful as the leaves skirting the trees came in every colour between the spectrum of green and red. Sadly, it was a little too crowded and most of the pictures we took were littered with humans. The garden was huge and there were many nice cafes and restaurants inside to relax and replenish our empty stomachs.

Nami Island was just as crowded too. Perhaps it was because we chose to visit on a weekend. The island was filled with throngs of tourist hoping to get a nice picture in between the parallel rows of towering trees and visit the spot where Choi Ji-won & Bae Yong Joon kissed in the drama Winter Sonata. No one from the gang caught the series though; it must have been a drama that our parents watched. Nonetheless, the autumn foliage was truly a spectacle that one cannot witness in sunny Singapore.

– Jordan

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