Finally getting started on volunteering~ I have found my volunteering activities from itaewon global village center. They offer a few volunteering activities every month.

Volunteering at the homeless shelter
This was a short activity which involved serving food to the elderly at the homeless shelter and cleaning up afterwards. I met missionaries from phillipines during the volunteer work. They would be staying in Korea for over a year.

Volunteering – Converse with elderly in english
As the title of the volunteering activity, this volunteering activity was basically having a conversation with the elderly in English. We had this event at a place which resembles the community centres in Singapore. The 할아버지(grandpa) that I was partner with was a traveller who have been to many different places in Asia (including Singapore). He had a very good impression of Singapore as a clean & green city. Among other things, we also talked about other things like food, family and more. The hour went by fast even though there was a couple of awkward moments when we couldn’t understand each other properly.

From another fellow volunteer in the event, I also learnt about a volunteering portal in Korea called 365. The issue with it is that even though there are some instructions in English, it was still difficult to understand and navigate the portal.

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