Beautiful view along Hualien County

It’s week 8 in Taiwan! Brrr… Must say that the weather is getting colder here, around 25°C in the day and 20°C at night. Kind of like in a big air-con room. But, it’s the nice kind of chilly since Taiwan is rather humid. Hmmm this week was really quite eventful, a little adventurous!


Since it’s recess week in SUTD, some of our ESD friends came to visit (Haiyan). It was a really fun trip for our ESD friends, I heard. They visited more places in 5 days than we did in 2 months! Wilfred’s primary school friend, Harrinder (Uncle Harry) also came to visit Wilfred. Really nice to hear someone speaking fluent singlish hehe.   TRIP TO HUALIEN We went to Hualien for white water rafting one fine day (the weather was really fine), and it was basically, awesome! Can’t believe I actually agreed to go just 1 hour before we left for Hualien. It was a 3 hours bus-train trip there, and we stayed at a MINSU for a night. I am so thankful our boat didn’t capsize though the waters were rough, high in volume and had strong undercurrents. It was freezing cold, but we had so much fun trying to coordinate our paddling in a team of 9, splashing water at the other rafters, and getting splashed at by the coaches’ rafts. We also made a new friend, Lego from HongKong, who was there for a holiday!

White water rafting at Hualien County
White waters at Hualien County
Meanders at Hualien County
Walking around Hualien County



So I had to get a new pair of spectacles here in Taiwan because, well, I broke the nose-piece of my spectacles and had to walk around in blur-ness for 2-3 days (including white water rafting). Making a new pair of spectacles here was actually a really nice experience, and a good deal too! Shajini and I got our new spectacles at less than 100 SGD, with a month’s warranty, UV (and blue light) protection, and free washing of spectacles anytime. Though we spent an hour choosing our spectacles and another half an hour checking our eyesight, the lady was so patient with us – she even adjusted our spectacles to fit our faces, and taught us how to care for our new spectacles. The best part of it all: Shajini and I had a good meal together – dumplings for dinner!

Good meal with Shajini

Quite a fruitful week yea? Thank God~ We’ll be having our exams in a week’s time so I guess I’ll not be so luo suo and start studying, like a good SUTD student. Hmm but I am also looking forward to our next trip to TaiTung (planning-in-progress) with our friend Zhang Chen! It’s adventure level 10/10, hope we can make it there and back safely… Sneak peek at where we are going:

Lisong hot springs in Taitung
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