Along with some friends I made in Yonsei University, I decided to visit Jeju Island over the weekend. (This is my first time flying without a passport)

Upon arriving at the airport in Jeju, we boarded a shuttle bus to arrive at the car rental shop.

although the interface is in korean, it is rather intuitive as we just need to key in the phone number of our destination. Fortunately, the voice for navigation is in English so it wasnt too much of a hassle.

With many themed cafes, housing, scenic spots and food Jeju offered a different kind of vibe from the bustling seoul.

Accomadation is cheap well, spending only around 20k to 30k won per night. ‘

The mazing tourist areas and scenic spots includes the CheonJiYeon waterfall, Green Tea Musuem, Sunrise peak and of course the famed Hallasan which is the tallest mountain in Korea.


At the green tea musuem, there is a plathorea of green tea products on offer. These ranges from food like chocalate, cake and ice cream to beauty products like soap, scents and mask.


Another interesting spot to visit that was interesting was the maze. 

Of course, the biggest highlight of the trip was still Hallasan. As i progressed up the mountain, I could feel a significant drop it temperature. The hike up was not an easy one and the round trip took me about 8 hours.


On top of that, seafood like abalone, cutlass fish and various others that I do not even know of their names are available all over the island. Along with black pork jeju is famed of its fresh seafood.


 the abalone came at a very reasonable price of 30k for 10 pieces and there is also a shop which offers abalone buffet for 30k.


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