We decided to visit Busan, the second most-populous city after Seoul, during this Chuseok holiday week. We took a 50hours bus ride from Gabyeong bus terminal, which was only 15mins away from the university, to Busan. There are so many things to do in Busan and it is impossible to finish all the attractions in just 4 days. For this trip, we have decided to not visit popular places like the Seomyeon district, Haeundae beach, Jeonpo café stree and Centum City. Instead, we decided to visit the scenic areas like Taejong beach, Songdo Beach. And of course, the must go places like BIFF Square, Jagolchi market and Gamcheon Cultural Village.

Gwangalli Beach is known for its breath-taking night views with Gwangandaegyo Bridge stretching across the ocean in the beach. It is a unique view which you definitely cannot see in the other Busan’s beaches. Throughout the night, you will also get to see people setting off fireworks along the beach.

Taejongdae is famous in beach for its rock beach. We took a cruise ship which brought us around for 35 minutes where we got to feed the seagulls and see the magnificent cliffs and rock formations of Taejon-dae. We also trekked down to the base of the light-house where we tried some of the raw seafood while enjoying everlasting sea breeze.

If you are adventurous, you should try the spinning ride in the underground arcades. It’s about 4,000 won per pax and the ride usually last for more than 10mins where the operator’s motive is to tease the riders and throw them out of their seats.

PS: This Tagada ride in korea, is designed to bring couples together.

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