This week, alongside with classes, I helped out at the Yongsan Sejong Academy Inauguration that was held at itaewon global village center. I learnt about this from a volunteer which I have knew from a previous event. Our main role was to help out with the prep, bag painting and cleaning up.

To share a bit more about the event. The event is to celebrate the opening of the Yongsan Sejong Academy. The intention of the academy is to offer free Korean language classes for foreigners in Korea and to promote Korean language and culture.

Before the bag painting activity, there was several speeches given by people from both the Yongsan district office and sejong. There was also a major which came down. I think he is the major for the district on which itaewon gvc falls under. All the speeches were translated by Ms Katherine, our volunteer coordinator who is from Philippines.

During the bag painting event, as many of the adults left after the speech, we ended much with lesser participant as expected. This means that there was extra bags/markers for the volunteers to colour our own bag.
–image of bag–

Similar to the other volunteering activity, most of the volunteers are from overseas. This is an aspect which I found interesting as you get to meet foreigners from different countries who are here in Korea for different reasons.

The bag which I colored!
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