In some parts of Seoul, especially the outskirts, there are some estates that is generally populated with the elderlies.

In these estates, the facilities avaiable are pretty basic. As part of the IOY club in Yonsei University, we signed under an organisation to deliver Coal to the elderlies.

In this case, we went to danggogae and was briefed on the different houses and how many of the briquettes each household was suppose to recieve.

Each of this briquettes weighed around 2.5kg and was especially brittle. Hence we had to be extremely careful when we stack the briquettes.

However, I found this to be extremely meaningful as the winters in Korea is extremely harsh. It when to a temperature of sub negative 14 degrees last year and is expected to be even colder this year. With no heating amenities, the residences will have to depend on this to survive the harsh winter. 



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