One bored morning, I decided to head to the Hangzhou botanical gardens to spend my time over there. I won’t say much in the first half of this post, but will let you be immersed in the pictures I took.

Lunch at Mojito – Tortilla wraps, just before heading into the Botanical Gardens nearby

Poster on some plants used in Chinese culture
Different flowers in the park. The poster tells more information about their characteristics.
Pictures depicting how the park would look like during autumn.
Wood from the trees being used in the making of cellos.

This week, our subteam also heads to explore different methods of making our resin art appealing for our resin table.

With the ending of my friends’ first project hectic schedules, nothing beats ending off the week with a little casual drinking(Nobody got drunk here, so if you decide to drink, do not overdo yourself.) and karaoke!!

Good food at Ellen’s, the bar we went too, and 12 free bottles of beer
Playing pool
We karaoked literally through the night for 5 straight hours!
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“Smart Beauty” is about visions of the future smart world we are heading to. Our life will be significantly changed not only at a technological level but also at an artistic and psychological level. This is the place “design” happens, and that is why we need to integrate. Our project is split into two parts, the first involves creating artistic prototypes, and the second involving creating prototypes that serve a greater function for its users without compromising on the aesthetics......------------------------------------------------------------------- **THE TEAM: Melissa Tan Rui Lin, Spencer Phua Peh Han, Nicholas Chan Zhi Wei, Daniel Ho Jin Hao, Xiao Yuxuan, Samuel Halim, Huang QiuHong, Caleb Ng Jun Wei, Gionnieve Lim Jia Yu, Yeoh Jan Wai, Lucas Chua Boon Hwee **TEACHING ASSISTANTS: 张曹炜, 李璇,刘馨,唐楚齐, 陆南楠, 张帆,Wang PinHao **PROFESSORS: 姚琤,赵艺钧, 陶冶,王冠云, Sunny


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