Lunch at Mojito – Tortilla wraps, just before heading into the Botanical Gardens nearby

One bored morning, I decided to head to the Hangzhou botanical gardens to spend my time over there. I won’t say much in the first half of this post, but will let you be immersed in the pictures I took.

Wood from the trees being used in the making of cellos.
Pictures depicting how the park would look like during autumn.
Different flowers in the park. The poster tells more information about their characteristics.

Poster on some plants used in Chinese culture
Bonsai plants

Plants growing on the mountains, as represented by the poster.

Spotted this little worm making its way on the signboard

Autumn’s colorful glory

This is also the time when I also post my pictures regarding food

Beef noodles

Dinner with roommate at 新白鹿. As usual, we ordered too much dishes to finish. 🙁
Cheese chicken

This week, our subteam also heads to explore different methods of making our resin art appealing for our resin table.

With the ending of my friends’ first project hectic schedules, nothing beats ending off the week with a little casual drinking(Nobody got drunk here, so if you decide to drink, do not overdo yourself.) and karaoke!!

Good food at Ellen’s, the bar we went too, and 12 free bottles of beer.

Playing pool.

We karaoked literally through the night for 5 straight hours!

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