It has been my lifelong dream to visit the US after seeing countless shows on TV about the food and places in the states, it really got me excited when I found out I was able to go to Berkeley.

Let me show you what I have experienced here in Berkeley in the past week!

Leaving Singapore was a bittersweet moment, filled with the fears of stepping into a foreign country yet mixed with feelings of excitement and new adventures.


Exploring around the campus was certainly a treat due to its vastness, a turn at every corner often reveals new surprises. There was an event at the Memorial Glade within the campus to welcome new students for the summer classes.

UCB Campus
UCB Campus

Certainly whats a trip to the US without trying some of their pizzas!

Seniore’s Pizza
superrr good

Featuring our group leader enjoying his pizza! Though he may not look like he is 🙁 but he secretly loves it ALOTTT

Taking the F bus from Berkeley to San Francisco was an entertaining ride, you get to see the scenic views of the bay as the bus crosses the bridge. Moreover in SF there are so many sights to see and food that is just sooooo good!

Nike Store
Gott’s Roadside
Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers

Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf are must go places! The views there  was simply breathtaking and the weather was amazingly cool! From the bus terminal we were able to walk along the pier, in the cooling temperatures it made the long walk enjoyable, especially being able to see the marvelous islands that surrounded San Francisco.

Pier 39
Still @ Pier 39
Fisherman’s Wharf
View from up the hill

However, the beauty of this place cannot be captured by mere words and pictures. One needs to be fully immersed in the place and culture to truly appreciate the San Francisco atmosphere.

Yet as with all things, the sad fact remains that there are many homeless people living in both San Francisco and Berkeley. Despite the beauty of a place, the high costs of living has led many to be unable to afford meals or homes. As a tourist to the US seeing these social issues, I become more appreciative of the social issues in Singapore and of the policies put in place by the government.

To end of on a HAPPY note, we also visited the San Francisco Zoo! It was a little difficult navigating our way there, since it was our first time taking the BART and MUNI.

San Francisco Zoo
Happy Shobhit
Group Photo!

Till next time!

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