A week has passed since our class-based lessons had ended and teams are now clustered over at the IDI workspace to carry on our individual theme projects.

For our group, we have since moved ahead with our basic prototyping plans and have begun experimenting with the various accessories that arrived over the past week. The basis behind Wireless Charging does remain familiar with us when we studied electromagnetic induction back in SUTD. However, the complexity of the circuits started to confound us. Lighting up an LED through wireless power transfer seemed possible, but charging a phone in the same way was no easy task.

To  start things off, we have attempted to rearrange the coil ratios of the wireless transmitter and receiver which did not yield us useful results as the transfer didn’t quite turn out as we planned it to be. Experimenting aside, we have also started to improve our prototype design where a scaled model was modeled under Rhino. Together with the measurements, the product definitely looked more solid and convincing compared to our initial sketches on paper. Now I’m getting excited over the next few weeks when we get started making our first prototype.


And onto the lighter side!

After a while, you start seeing and clicking this icon everyday…

And of course, the beauty of commercial products and their counterparts which we experimented on

Experimenting with charging speed by using wired charging and alternative energy supply

And project aside, here’s Suzhou!

Managed to head down to Suzhou over the weekend before the project started taking over the week.

Food is definitely the main focus! Man, these were delicious! You could drink the soup inside directly from the small hole at the top

Suzhou’s Museum~

The majestic view that can be seen from exiting the Suzhou high speed rail station.

After more than a month here in China, I’m getting rather accustomed to their culture here, the only slight complain would be the lack of brewed traditional coffee that I’m dearly missing from Singapore.

All in all, everything’s well and our project have since to be moving on track with our timeline.



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