So I am over here in Hangzhou attending a 13-week design-centric immersion programme here at Zhejiang University. It has been pretty exhilarating so far. It feels like DnT lesson back in Secondary 1 but here we learnt more about industrial design for our first month.

Our first assignment for Design Thinking and Expression was to make a chair out of cardboard! Special feature of our chair: Customised to follow the backbone of the user for maximium comfort and support

Our second hands-on assignment was to make a lamp and we were given rice paper and lightbulb of different intensity to explore which gives the nicest effect

Theme : Visualisation and Environment Data

This is the theme project that I am working on currently. Our professor even got us enrolled in Alibaba’s Vast Challenge 2016. We were provided with environment data and we had to present our data clearly and efficiently via visual forms such as statistical graphs, diagrams etc. Our theme is split into smaller groups of 3 or 4 so for my project, we are exploring how the weather data given to us is linked to health using the data we had got from the hospitals.

Cultural exchange activity to Song Dynasty Town with theme J

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