It has been 4 days since we started building our robot and the progress for my team has been good. My team has managed to build both the base of the collector and the climbing robot.

For the collector robot we did a test to make sure that collection mechanism could collect the different pills and it did flawlessly.

What is left for this robot is the dispensing mechanism. which is designed in such a way that will release the pills when the robot hits the wall.

For the collector robot after countless tries, we manage to get it to climb! Most of the problems faced were due to the incorrect positioning of the center of gravity which lead to the robot flipping when it went up the shelf or the gears used to climb not fully meshed into the gear rack of the shelf.

What is left for this robot is the mechanism to hit the pills off the shelf which we will be doing using a servo attached to the front of the robot.

In this 4 days of constructing the robot,  i learnt how to split and delegate work to team mates and to trust that they do their job well. Our initial plan of having the entire team to work on one robot at a time did not work well and we had to split the team into 2 to speed up our progress.

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