It was exciting yet trilling to be selected for the prestigious IDC Robocon, an international robotics competition held at ZheJiang University this year. IDC Robocon is a robotic contest that encourage the learning and the culture sharing for university students from the partnership universities such as MIT, Tokyo Denki University, ZheJiang University and many more. What makes the experience more exciting is the fact that I came from a non-robotic major in the university, but a degree in Architecture and sustainable design.

Despite lack of professional robotic knowledge, I always push myself to participate in those school offered technological events to gain as much as relevant exposure possible. The unique culture of SUTD promotes self-learning and exploration despite not being in that particular field of study, and this is what I am really appreciate for.

Back to the story of Robocon, our flight to HangZhou was 2 days before the official contest itself which allow to have some time to adjust mentally and physically. I am sure this will be a good adventure ahead. Stay Tune.

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