After a week of blood , sweat and tears in HangZhou, our bond with each other was pushed to a new height. The language barrier or sort was no long bugging us. Each hand gesture and every look, simply expressed ourselves to each other in the team. What used to be stranger a week ago suddenly seemed to be like a family now. This is indeed a one of a kind experience which can hardly be express by words.

The bond within the team is strong, despite cultural differences we accepted and respected one another. Lying on my bed reflecting the past one and half week in ZheJiang University had made me wonder the presence of parallel universe. We all, born in different region of the world, being in different colours, living in completely different environment, yet are so similar and so passionate towards robotics. A smile began to surface from the corner of my lips, thinking about the common experience that we shared, the smile, the cry, the anger and the uncertainty when we began the project.

But now, everything feels so familiar. I wish the feeling will never go away. Deeply within me, I know there will be a time when we have to say goodbye, but till then let my feelings trap within this pagoda of friendship.

Thank you, everyone from the team. And of course everyone from the IDC Robocon 2017

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