Day 2 of Robocon started out with a presentation of our ideas to a panel of professors representing the different universities. Thankfully, my team had several ideas for both the land and sea robot. We agreed that our ideas were rather unconventional but fulfilled the competition’s criteria of having only 8 DC/Servo motors in total for both robots. However, in the end, our ideas were greeted with scepticism by the Professors and we received crucial feedback regarding various limitations about our design. It was back to the drawing board and my team invested many hours going through various ideas to overcome the various challenges and restrictions set by the planning team. At the end of a long day of planning and siphoning ideas, we went for a good meal at a nearby restaurant called 神涛粥坊. There, where we had an excellent meal of various dishes and their speciality porridges (Frog, Prawn and Century Egg). To my surprise, the restaurant served sweet and sour pork which reminded me of Singapore. That’s the end of Day 2 and I’m looking forward to further improvements to the design in the subsequent days and especially the wonderful food in Hangzhou.

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After studying for a term at SUTD, I have seen a few student-led projects that have opened my eyes to the countless applications of technology. These include unique drone designs and autonomous robots among many innovative technologies. In the future, I aim to pursue the Robotics track under EPD. I am grateful for having the opportunity to attend the IDC Robocon, a platform that brings together students who are passionate about robotics. This event will definitely be a unique experience that has many learning opportunities.


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