Last Sunday’s city visit gave us a good rest and the final competition is just in this Friday.

The most difficult part in this competition is to climb the second cliff of the land area. We still do not have a perfect idea to climb the second cliff (7cm) of the Land Area (yellow area).

Originally, we tried to use small wheels (radius= 4.5cm), which Zhejiang University provided to us, to climb the first cliff (4cm) and created a slope to help our land robot to climb the second cliff (7cm). However, after testing small wheels, we found that DC/Servo motors cannot provide enough power to support land robot to climb the first cliff. After some discussion, we decided to test different types and sizes (radius are all larger than 7cm) of wheels in order to choose the best wheel. We tested wheels in this entire day.

Some Other groups’ wheels and my group’s wheels:

At the end of this busy day, we went for a famous BBQ”大鸡腿“ near the campus of Zhejiang University. Foods are very cheap and delicious compare to Singapore.

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