After a good night rest, today is the first day of our Robocon in Bangkok. The first day isnt of anything much but a welcoming event. We were sorted into our groups and met our awesome teammates from all over the world, Japan, China, Morocco and Thailand.

In the evening, we are greeted by a buffet on the top most floor of a tower in the Chulalongkorn University. The view across was magnificent. We are able to view Bangkok from a total different point of view. Little did we know that this event was this grand.

We look forward to the upcoming days!

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I am Po Heng, currently a ASD Junior. I am extremely passionate with technology, especially on robotics. With the knowledge on technology, I am able to better address real life problems by designing relevant products that aid the situation. This complements with my architectural studies which tackles real life problems from both the emotional and physical approach.


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