Today was the beginning of a stressful 2 days for the freshmore students, as it is the first day of our final exams for the term. Yes you read correctly, the freshmore students are taking finals in Tokyo!!! Through the past week, many of us freshmores have been spending our days building our robots (my team still has not finished my sky robot!!!), and our nights preparing for these 2 days.

Although taking exams whilst in the middle of the competition can be horribly distracting for some of us, as we were torn away from our beloved robots, it was still necessary for us to be here in IDC. The exams themselves were a different exeperience, instead of being held in a stressful hall, we were given a comfortable meeting room to have our exams in, which took some of the stress off the paper. 2 papers down, 1 more to go!!!

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