Rooftop view

The typhoon Shanshan left Tokyo today, nothing much happened actually beside the cool breeze and the light rain that lasted for the entire day. (which was a great relief after the heat from a few days earlier)

For lunch, my Japanese groupmate- Genki- took us to Saizeriya. The menu is not much different from those in Singapore but the food tastes really nicer. Especially the salad, it was really fresh and crispy. But this high-quality vegetable comes with really high cost as Genki told me a kg of tomato costs 660 Yen!!?

My Saizeriya meal

I also traveled to Shibuya today. I was overwhelmed by the liveliness of the streets as billboards, neon lights and giant TV screens filled the entire surrounding sky with light and sound.

Shibuya street

In addition, today I discovered a rooftop that offers superb view.

Rooftop view

That’s it for day 4, see yah!

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