Samples of craftwork

SINGAPORE — The countdown is 2 days before JENESYS 2.0: Destination Tokyo. As the “nominated” blogger for the Kansai (Arts & Culture) group, i am compelled to practise my skills before leaving.

As part of a cultural exchange, how could we present our Japanese hosts and guides with a slice of Singapore to thank them for their hospitality? We discussed durian, kaya, axe oil and mamak shop biscuits, meanwhile discovering how Singapore culture lacks tangible products. Our solution was to give them, well, a slice of Singapore: we laser-cut Merlion-SUTD designs on acrylic to make keychain mementos.

Our lack of technical skills meant we left the Fab Lab when the JENESYS briefing was about to start 10 km away. Our lack of navigational skills meant i arrived when the tour agents were explaining Japanese exactitude towards punctuality.

We discovered that three of us (Sharon, Zhuo Wen and me) would make up the Singapore contingent in group E and Yiing Huey would happily be more social and mix with NUS and NTU in group F. More about groupings in the next post.

Later, we returned to SUTD to clean the acrylic and attach the keyrings, where Sharon went into a giggling high from the thinner we used.

I realise that i have not explained what JENESYS is about. To find out, stay tuned….

By Perry Lam

photo credits: mak yiing huey

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