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What’s up folks, its gene again updating yall whats going on in ZJU.

No wait


Within summer vacation

Ok fine we’re in our recess week for this exchange programme (the end already actually by the time I post this).

Anyway back to the main topic today, I’ll just share very quickly what I did over these 10 days 😊 (over 4 blog posts)

Summer Data Visualisation Course

First up, studying!…..?! Wait a minute why study during holiday? TT Ok but really on a serious note, me and a few members of my theme attended this Data Visualisation Summer Programme, and coming from the theme that is working on this subject matter, this was really helpful for me. Even though we covered the materials before, we still had certain doubts about certain theoretical models and visualisation types, and it turns out that they were important misconceptions.

The course was also split into two main components, the theoretical component in the morning and the practical component in the afternoon. This was really useful for us because we received one-to-one assistance in the afternoon on technical aspects of data vis, which would definitely help in whatever we want to do in our theme project.

However, there were certain difficulties on the programme, mainly the speed of the lecture and the slight language barrier that I had. The lecture proceeded rather quickly, because the bulk of the participants were 2nd/ 3rd year students who were already proficient to a certain extent in the theoretical and technical aspects of data visualisation. These skills was something that SUTD students, due to the nature of our course, did not possess. Also, there was a slight language barrier problem because even though I was rather proficient in speaking Mandarin, I did not know a lot of technical terms explained during the lesson, which delayed my progress.

Nonetheless, it was still a very interesting programme that expanded my view in data visualisation. It was a pity though, because towards the end of the course, I decided to take a breather and take a solo trip to… (be continued)

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