Hangzhou welcomed us with a rather chilly weather and drizzles throughout the entire of the first and second day.  We quickly settled into our new place and find our way around.

On the second day, we had a welcoming session by the IDI staff at ZJU. At the session, we listened to introduction of all the themes by either the instructing professor or Teaching Assistants. Our professor, Prof. NI Qi, gave an enticing to our theme, which made us all look forward to the project.

Our Theme 7 team was given a site to design a garden. Yet, before embarking on designing any garden, we were to visit about 10 existing traditional gardens all around Hangzhou to observe and learn more about designing a garden.

On Thursday of the first week, we were led out by our TAs for our first field trip, visits to 太子湾公园 (Taziwan Park) and 花港观鱼(Viewing Fish at Flower Pond).

The garden was such a feast for the eye. As we walked through the trail, we caught sight of pretty corners of the Chinese gardens. Willow trees cascading above the ponds, traditional Chinese pavilions, arch bridges, jetties and boats parking alongside the bank of the lake. The design of the walking path was purposeful such that it reveals us one beautiful sight after another.

Glimpses of the beautiful view of the lake along the walking trail

Red Carps at the Red Carp Pond. The Red Carps gathered as visitors feed them, the water surrounding the walkway became reddish purely due to the carps’ gathering.
We caught sigh of a couple taking their wedding photos on one of the pavilions.

At the end of the field trip, we had a good meal together in a nearby restaurant, recommended by our TAs. We were exhausted on the way back, yet already looking forward to the next day out.

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In recent years, people living in the city have been suffering from much anxiety and inconvenience due to the increasing urban population, expanding industry, transportation and excessive concentration of the city that caused various bad results. Meanwhile, it brings about impact on the operation of cities. Urban life imprison people in the city of reinforced concrete, which bound your heart like a cage. Mouse and man in the world need to slow down the pace of life to pursue the cozy field scenery in countryside and comfortable resting space, enjoy the baptism of nature and the sunshine bathing. We hope that the design of this project is to enable you who are long-term in a state of tension in the city life to relax yourselves, and to return to nature, experience culture, perceive life.


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