Week 4 has honestly been the busiest week since we’ve reached. With the deadline of the  Origami project submission reaching at the end of the week, everyone was kept at their toes rushing from campus to campus, to get origami paper laser cut and finalising their arduino codes to make sure that their origami robot runs smoothly. We are very glad and thankful to have many TAs and mentors who were so willing to give up their two days of public holidays to help us finish this project as well!! My biggest take away from last week is that in Design, there is never a final answer and that our final product may not necessarily be the last iteration that try out because you will always compare with what you have done and choose the best iteration. So,  we must be open to the idea of doing trying out new ideas, doing guess and check and finally coming out with the best one. Here is the evolution of our design and in the end we used our second last idea because despite the last idea being the most aesthetic one, the folds on it were not as obvious as the previous ones ):

“It is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.”


The exhibition was a success! There were so many interesting origami displays, personally my favourite was the one with moving cubes. IT WAS SO COOL.

On Thursday, we also got the opportunity to visit The 2017 Graduation Art Exhibition of the China School of Arts. It was the equivalent of LASELLE or NAFA in Singapore I guess and their works did not disappoint.

There was this building within the campus that was built by one of the architects who won the Pritzker Prize! WOW

We also had our first lesson on Landscape Architecture taught by out Teaching Assistants. It felt like a whole module of Introduction to Landscape Architecture squeezed into 4 hours. We learnt the foundation of what makes a garden, the difference in all the different types of gardens around the world and in the past and many other minute details which was really fun! I started to see how landscape architects design the gardens, how they choose where to put what plants, and in what formations and all. It was really the details that mattered. What do you think future gardens will look like?

Hehe, but despite the work we have, we still managed to find time to explore other parts of China!! yey. 3 of us from the theme visited a nearby watertown called Wuzhen and the place was just AMAZING. It really felt like I was in the China equivalent of Venice!!! SUPER GORGEOUS.

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In recent years, people living in the city have been suffering from much anxiety and inconvenience due to the increasing urban population, expanding industry, transportation and excessive concentration of the city that caused various bad results. Meanwhile, it brings about impact on the operation of cities. Urban life imprison people in the city of reinforced concrete, which bound your heart like a cage. Mouse and man in the world need to slow down the pace of life to pursue the cozy field scenery in countryside and comfortable resting space, enjoy the baptism of nature and the sunshine bathing. We hope that the design of this project is to enable you who are long-term in a state of tension in the city life to relax yourselves, and to return to nature, experience culture, perceive life.


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