23rd June marks the end of our CIP journey at Hushu Special School. From the day we started planning for activities for the school, to our very last lesson there, this journey has been bittersweet. ‘Bitter’ in the sense where I feel stressed planning lessons for the students there, wondering if they will like or will they be able to learn from it. ‘Sweet’ because of the smiles I get on their faces and the recognition I get when I know they are indeed enjoying the lesson.

I won’t be able to blog everything that we’ve done during our time there, so I’ll throw in some photos

Group photo with the photobooth we made for the school during Children’s day!  The lollipop and the ‘Cheese’ sign were the most popular amongst the kids haha.

Photo with Zhang LaoShi on the last day! We gave fancy gems (that we ironically bought from Taobao and not Singapore) to the children and a cork board full of notes to Zhang Laoshi!

It’s sad to see that our CIP journey has come to an end. However, I do treasure the moments I have spent interacting with the children there

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