In a blink of an eye less than one month is left till we head back to Singapore and with the exhibition coming up, our theme has started to prepare the materials we needed for our presentation.  We have decided that we will be focusing on three central points : (1) User Experience (2) Aesthetics (3) Organisation in the redesigning of the kayak area.

At the same time, our small groups also work on improving our design through research done and the outings that we go to. For this week, our theme headed to Tang Xi–a water town area with small street shops lining the pavement.

Whilst work starts to pile up, one should never miss out on China’s must go places over the weekend– especially when time is running out. For this week, I travelled to Huang Shan with my class for three days and two nights. It was surprisingly costly but after concluding my experience there, I can say it was definitely worth it. Here are some of the breathtaking views that we managed to see during our stay there.

1. 日出(Sunrise)

2.云海 (Sea of clouds)

Even as we get busier while we draw closer to the end of this exchange, I hope that we can continue to explore the different parts of China; after all, this kind of opportunity given to us is truly once in a lifetime.


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