Greetings from Music Emotion,

This week we had a rather short session at the usual 411 building. Our beloved Prof Zhang invited his student to bring to us a few presentations of the ’3.007′ projects that they have been working on. This was to give us some ideas on what kind of project we should be choosing for ourselves to work on for the next 2 months here in ZJU.

All of the presentations were very interesting yet intimidating at the same time. His students really put in a lot of time and effort into their project as seen from all the details and data of their presentations. One of the groups even had their product patented! I wonder if we will be able to match Prof Zhang’s expectation. We only have slightly more than 2 months with little or no knowledge or skills regarding this field. Not sure how far we can go…

Nevertheless, this got us excited about the upcoming project. Definitely going to choose a suitable one to work on. Don’t want to be changing project half way through. Who will be group mates with who, what project we will be working on, what is to be expected from us. This will all be known in a few weeks time…

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Team members: Brandon Ricks Junjie Kon / Cheah Yee Kei / Ho Jin Teck, Daryl / Huang Jiahui / Lim Wei Xuan / Mandia Joaquin Inigo Manas / Ooi Kai Lue / Pinardy Yang Ping Zun / Raphael D Seng Zhiming / Ruth Wong Nam Ying / Yap Wei Jin / Yeo Xin He Burindy As we all know, “music can reach people deep inside and evoke different kinds of emotions”, so music plays a good role in promoting the brain function. It directly causes people to have positive or negative emotions, thereby affecting people’s lives and work. Therefore, we can design some products or applications about music to influence people’s or even plants’ emotions. Consequently, let the world all live a better life.


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