library at 3am :)

hello! while reflecting on my journey at NUS, i realised that there were a few things i would highly recommend you to try!

1. explore all the canteens!

one thing i was rather grateful for was the huge variety of food options in school. since there are many faculties, each of them has its own canteen. personally, i ended up eating mostly at the science/frontier as well as the engineering/techno edge canteens. my favourites have to be Taiwanese chicken (available at both canteens!) which provided a sense of comfort as well as Pasta Express (at frontier aircon). they’re typically quite crowded, especially during lunch hour, so do take note of that!

my favourite pasta :”>

2. 24-hour libraries and study rooms

when looking at the opening hours, i couldn’t believe my eyes!!! 24/7 libraries??? there are many libraries and study rooms on campus that open 24/7. many would say to visit central library, but sadly, most of the desks in this 6-storey library are often occupied with bags or sleeping students. instead, i would recommend going to the Chinese library which feels a lot more conducive! also, there are a couple of study rooms in UTown that you can visit as well. undoubtedly, there are also many desks along the corridors which can be used as well. the only downside would be that not every desk would have a power outlet, so just be mindful of that!

i definitely had a lot of fun looking for new food options and for new secluded study spots on campus 🙂


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