Must-Not-Miss Places in Helsinki


Moi! Europe was a new journey for me and I spend a lot of time exploring places in Helsinki, whether it be food or places to see. I loved all of them and these are some of my favourite places.

  1. Social Burger Joint. The burgers here are to die for. I have tried burgers from different food chains, but this has the best burgers. I have visited this place itself at least 5 times throughout my entire exchange, and feel it is a should-not-miss place. I usually order Bronx Burger (€10.90) and the Parmesan fries (€3.90). Bronx Burger
  2. UFF. This is a foundation that collects re-wearable clothes, and the items are handled for sale via different outlets located all over Helsinki. I have visited at least three of these thrift shops and bought more than five items. They have all types of clothing, and my best thrift from UFF is my winter jacket (€22). This single item saved me from spending a lot of money on a new jacket, which I may not use after my exchange period. Besides clothes, the store also has a wide variety of hats, bags and shoes. One could spend hours in one shop.
  3. Flying Tiger Copenhagen. This is a variety store chain, that sells useful everyday products and much more. The prices for these products are quite reasonable. There are many small and cute stuff to check out here. I bought a mini-board game (€10) and a storage basket (€5).
  4. Kotkot. This is a food place I found towards the end of my exchange period. The place offers a select few burgers, wings and sides, and all are offered at affordable prices. The original burger (€4.50) was my all-time favourite. This seemed to be my go-to place in November and December.
  5. Christmas Market. This is an awaited market, located in Senate Square. The market includes over one hundred stalls, offering all kinds of Christmas things. One could buy Christmas gifts, ornaments, packaged food, prepared food and drinks. It is a symbolic tradition to the Finns, and experiencing this tradition is a must while travelling to Helsinki during Christmas. One thing I was surprised about was the small fire pits located throughout the market, to keep all our hands and toes from falling off due to the cold weather. This lengthens your stay in the market, and you can experience much more of the market. One must-try drink you get here is glögi, made out of different berries and grapes.
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