Previously mentioned that I’ll write about various things this time, so here they are!

1 | You’re Doing Fine, Hsinchu

All the buildings are standing like statues – they don’t turn their heads as they see me walk by. All the sounds of the earth are like music; the breeze is so busy it don’t miss a tree.

Plenty of air and plenty of room, plenty of heart and plenty of hope! (Top: Hsinchu Train Station, Bottom: Cheng Huang Temple)

Not the most attractive of tourist destinations, nonetheless worth a day’s walkabout in the city centre. There are many free (but tiny) museums in the area – good places to take shelter from the heat, if nothing else.

2 | You Can Sleep Tight At Night

If safety is your concern, you’ll have little to worry about. Cockroaches patrol the corridors of the dormitory frequently, the kitten-sized rats secure the outside perimeter and blood-sucking drones occasionally check in on us while we’re asleep (this feels like an invasion of privacy). Intruders will think twice before attempting to enter.

Ka Zua Security Services guardhouse entrance (left); K.I.A – he/she will be receiving a Purple Heart soon, I think (right).

Capturing the rats on camera has been difficult – I’ve spotted them lepaking in the pantry (their pantry, not ours, i.e. the trashcan – thank goodness!) a couple of times, but they scurry off quickly when they hear me approaching. I’m assuming it’s because they’re afraid that I’ll complain to their supervisors.

3 | It’s All About Learning

The professors are dedicated and passionate, and there’s enough homework (gasp!) to keep you occupied without being too busy.

Don’t fret, you won’t be losing any MMR in NTHU (left); Prof. Soumya R. types out some code (right).

Regardless, I doubt I’ll miss having classes here (and in general) after I leave.

4 | The Simple Things Are Easy To Forget

In an icebreaker game, I had to pick for myself an English name. I chose ‘Mark’, and no one could remember it (an advantage for me, in this context). What I want to say is, if you are not already doing so, kindly provide a formula booklet during the examinations (Term 2 Physics, that’s you), no matter how simple the equations may seem – not forgetting a few among such a great multitude of numbers and symbols is too difficult.

The local government’s administration building doubling up as a community centre on the weekends.

What I’m really trying to say is, although there may not be much to see, it’s the little unnoticed things that make living in Hsinchu a very pleasant experience, and I’m liking the place and people more with each passing day.

Next up: food and friends. Stick around!

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