Monday: Headed to Hu Shu to help in making a medieval costume for the kids. Found out that making things from poker cards are not actually very easy after all.

Fashhion designer Suha

Designers at work Wednesday:

Second lesson with the kids. ABC song, 123, Animal theme teaching of what each of the alphabets can spell. E.g. A -> alligator

Photos of the week:

Graphic design perspective lesson homework from last week. Baymax, can I have a lollipop?

Pocket ball Maltesers anyone?

Xihu in the evening

The path around the lake

Impressions Of XiHu by Zhang Yi Mou

Zhu Jia Jiao watertown

Boat ride with my roommate and parents

Swatter to keep flies away

Weird Veg at the water town

A pig at InTime at XiHu

Xihu Tian Di

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Hello I am Alethea! A member of Minions, a subcomm of 3SG, doing the welfare of the school. I'm into photography and love to capture scenic views. I think every photo tells a special story of the place like how everyone has their own unique story to tell. Being passionate about product design, one day I hope to create a product that can help people in one way or another.


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