Before coming on this trip, I kept telling myself I wanted to have more new experiences and try things that I have not, and probably would not be able to, try in Singapore. This was why I thought of going to a baseball game in Korea! Baseball has always seemed to be a really big thing in Korea and boy, was I in for a treat!

The fans of the home team, Hanhwa Eagles, were beyond enthusiastic: they knew each cheer by heart and even knew the dance to it! One thing that surprised me a lot was that each player had their own theme song so the fans will sing to it as the player enters.

The baseball game would not be complete without the food so here’s some of the food we tried there!

A must have combo: beer and hotdogs !

I got a little peckish by the 9th inning so I went to get more food: strawberry bingsu, to refresh myself!

I would highly recommend anyone in Korea to go for a baseball game as you will really experience the spirit of baseball community and not just scratch at the surface of Korean culture.

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