CuriousU Summer School is an international festival – the participants are coming from more than 50 countries. During this programme, we are not only studying interesting and useful knowledge but also enjoying the various social activities. We study together, eat together and play together – everyone is having fun.

Another interesting part is the accommodation, we spent 10 days in a tent! For me, it was my first experience sleeping in a tent. The weather is quite cold at night but it was a unique experience.

Every morning, during breakfast time, there will be a guest speaker to have a speech. They are all very knowledgable and the topics of the speech are really interesting. e.g. Healthcare, Technology and Society, etc.

I selected EntrepreneurialU to study since I want to experience a different course. We have divided into 3 groups to work on different business ideas, and we need to have a pitch with the investors. We worked very hard and finally, we won the Best Team award.

We also had a free day, my friend and I went to Germany – by bike! Sounds crazy right? However, University of Twente is very close to the Germany-Netherlands border. It is very convenient to take a ride.

Overall, I really appreciate SUTD provides this opportunity. It let me had a fantastic global exposure in the Netherlands. I hope more people could participate in this programme, not only for learning knowledge but also for exploring other kinds of life.

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