Cat Cafe

A cat sleeping soundly while basking in the sun by the window
This grumpy looking cat stole my seat the moment I got up








One particular day when school ended early, we decided to visit a cat cafe since there were so many of them in Korea. The cats were really cute and pretty but they were not really active and tend to sleep a lot so I got a bit bored after awhile. However, while looking at these tiny furballs sleep, I had this sudden thought that I actually seldom see stray animals on the streets of Korea, unlike in Singapore.

Daejeon Sky Park

There is a small cute tower at the top of the park
Friends who were willing to climb with me 🙂
Look at Daejeon’s sky line!!
Super happy to be there hehe!













I have always like to see a city from the highest point possible so I managed to find a place like this in Daejeon and got a few friends who were willing to climb those steep stairs with me. Till this day, I would say the sky park is one of, if not, the best place in Daejeon for me.  I really enjoyed myself and made many precious memories with these newly made friends. If any of you are going to Daejeon, please do not give this place a miss.

Temple Stay

This was where we slept, a traditional house!
There was stacks of pebbles and stones everywhere
During our free time, we played by the river bank
Traditional tea ceremony and beads making
Learnt how to make a lotus flower candle from the monks
Finally a group SUTD photo !!



















During the weekends, KAIST planned a temple stay for us. We stayed in a temple called Magoksa, which is an UNESCO world heritage site, and I would gladly do it again if I had the chance. We got to experience a few cultural aspects of Buddhism such as doing the 108 bows of self-reflection, eating GongYang, attending the morning and evening ceremony, beads making, traditional tea ceremony and lotus flower craft. This was indeed a unique experience and I am thankful to KAIST for planning this temple stay for us.

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