During our exchange to POSTECH, the school’s mechanical engineering department hosted a egg drop challenge for all undergraduate students. As the prizes looked really good, (1st Place was an Apple watch!), I teamed up with another of the SUTD students and signed up for the competition.

To sign up, we had to come up with an initial idea of our design:

During the event, we were given some materials like chopsticks, straws, rubber bands etc to make our design come to life in an hour. In the end, we went with a more triangular shape and made this:

After which, we went up to the roof to toss our eggs off and see if they would break. We were about in the middle to go of about 20+ teams, and we were able to see some of the designs failing, crashing and smashing their egg while others landed safely. Some of the designs had weird and cool mechanisms, including one with a rotor (which didn’t work). Somehow, even though our structures were already coming apart during the last minutes of our testing, we managed to land ours safely.

Fried Chicken Making Robot

After that, we went to the ground floor to grab some sponsored chicken (made by a robot) and beer and waited around watching the rest of the teams. When it was time for the prizes, we were surprised to learn that we managed to clinch 3rd place, which was a 100$ voucher for shops in the university! Here’s us in the bottom right of the picture with our prize.

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