This week was pretty chill, with our last lesson of design fiction ending on Wednesday. Our group also did some massive planning for our prototypes and we hope we can get a few tests in within the next week or two. I am really excited for the last month of our DATE because there are a lot of things to expect in terms of the project and the places I will be touring in China.

For our last lesson of Design Fiction, we were supposed to make a 2-3 minute video and it we had to film with our origami robots that we made during our first four weeks. Lots of silliness, laughter and fun were produced during the making of the video. We had to use all the different skills we practiced or learned so far into the video. The theme of the video is ‘Future Robots’. In summary, our story was about a robot dragon who was supposed to protect some treasures but because of his cuteness and small size, he couldn’t scare away the thieves who came to steal. However, after meeting a scientist, he was upgraded into a better robot that could finally do his job. Enjoy the absurdity of this video:D

One of the sketches we did so far

For our theme project, we are currently focusing on two projects, one is a smart shelf and calendar the other is an educational game for children. We have done a few sketches for the idea and we hope to implement it soon.

The height for each bed is so short that we could not sit up straight!
Group photo on the train~~~

Lastly, I end my week with a train ride to Zhangjiajie. It is my first time sitting in a train that has beds and I hope I do not lose my things. There are quite a lot of things that Singaporeans would not be able to experience just by living in Singapore and I guess this is one of them. I guess this is one of the perks of travelling to other parts of the world, to be able to experience new things.

Next week’s blog will have a lot more updates and pictures because we will be travelling! Till next week!

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