We have just passed our halfway mark and we are now slowly starting to ramp up for our own projects. No more time for play for the next few weeks.

DIP Presentation Launch 2019

This week, we attended 2019 Design Information Product Launch, which is an annual event where Zhejiang Design students group with a few SUTD students to design a solution based on the theme. This year’s theme was ‘Origin’ and there were 7 groups this year. Although I wasn’t part of the event, I witnessed many amazing ideas created by the groups that could potentially solve problems related to logistics, road safety and our own lifestyle. One of them was a smart helmet that could detect the danger around the bikers and another project created a device that would facilitate better sleep. They only had 5 weeks to churn out a product and it was pretty impressive given the time constraint they were given.

For my own group’s project, we did research on the potential problems we would prefer to work on and also current IoT and smart products that we could incorporate into our solution. While I was researching on different IoT products in the home, I am amazed how many different smart products there are in the market and it is going to be challenging for us to come up with some unique design.

3D printers, card games, pants etc;

This week, most of our 618 items finally arrived (618 is one of the biggest shopping sales in China) and it is amazing how the logistics company Cainiao can process such huge amounts of cargo. But yay! All our stuff are here.

All in all, there were classes as usual, same old food and the same daily routine. Looks like I have slowly become accustomed to the life of a student here. I hope next week will be less mundane and there will be a lot more exciting events instead.

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