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NUS’s teaching style is quite similar to SUTD, there are lectures, cohort classes and labs to ensure that students can learn knowledge in different ways, using different media and practice well. Assignments and exercises also ensure that students can make use of what they have learnt to build up their projects. However, what is different is that each course’s workload is smaller than SUTD’s, therefore students  are able to take more courses (I have taken one more course than SUTD) and experience more. Students also have more choices of major courses and HASS courses. For me, I selected Japanese as a HASS course, which gave me the chance to understand Japan’s culture and language.

The challenge I faced is due to my course selection, as the courses I have selected are quite difficult to me at that time, especially HASS. As I had no Japanese learning background, I needed to put extra effort into it. At first I was also working on research with my prof in SUTD, so I couldn’t balance my workload well, which resulted in a bad exam grade. After that, I made a very tough but effective decision: pause my research and focus on study. It worked and after the exchange I happily re-started the research during my vacation.

One of the most meaningful experiences should be during the Japanese final oral interview. After speaking Japanese with my partner fluently and being praised by my teacher, I was very proud of myself because I succeeded in learning a new language, which is a brand new experience because this is my first time learning a foreign language. It is the happiness of a feast.

Having on-site labs should be a very interesting experience during SUSEP. During network labs, we will build different network connections and even capture ‘Secret messages’ sent by TA via WiFi and try to decrypt it in groups. Trying new things with friends is always fun and our TA is very helpful. Unfortunately I didn’t join Fifth Rows during that period, but the labs are really as fun as Fifth Rows.

Hijack the secret message! (Network Labs)

During the learning journey, I faced several challenges but fortunately I overcame them. The first challenge that I faced was different school routines. In NUS, the education system, method of homework submissions and other routines are quite different from SUTD, so in the very beginning, I made several mistakes and it often resulted in nervousness and a bad mood. Thereafter, I tried to be extra careful and memorised these routines as much as possible. In the end, I was able to deal with them with ease.

I enjoyed the learning atmosphere the most in NUS, in labs everyone is discussing new approaches, everyone is trying their best.

The experience of overcoming my fear and low grade during part I of the course and trying my best to get a very good grade in part II and III made me a better person, it reflects my potential talents and makes me be confident even when hardship comes.

The learning experience in NUS is very meaningful to me, it opened my horizons and I made many friends there. If you’re preparing to go on SUSEP, I’d like to advise you to try new things and courses that you cannot take in SUTD, new ways of learning things etc, it is a platform for you to improve yourself.

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