During my exchange at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), I reconnected with my old friends from primary school. They kindly showed me around the campus and throughout my exchange they brought me to various canteens and cafes to try out their food.

I was in awe when browsing through their campus since SUTD only has 1 canteen for students to choose their food from. In NTU, I was spoilt for choice! My friends brought me to a cafe called Connect71. Fun fact, this cafe was founded by ex-NTU students! They recommended the Gyudon, a Japanese rice bowl with beef, which is their most popular dish. It is so popular that it often runs out before dinner.

Gyudon at Connect71

Thankfully, we went during lunch so I got to try their famous Gyudon. The best part about the dish was the generous amount of simmered beef and the runny onsen egg. I would definitely come to eat here again when I’m back in NTU. Highly recommend!

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