hello once again! i thought i would share the most important applications to download while in NUS 🙂

1. uNivUS 

this application would allow you to have an e-copy of your student id to enter the libraries in school. apart from this, the exam results would be released on this application and many other important contacts just in case you need them!

2. Canvas 

unlike SUTD which uses blackboard, NUS uses canvas to post the module content. protip: turn on the notification for this application. sometimes, assignments and important announcements get published.

3. NUS NextBus

to plan out your travels within school, this application allows to to track the timings of the shuttle buses. typically, 11-2pm and 5-7pm would be considered peak hours, so do familiarise yourself with the buses and the respective bus routes! there’s also a function that would tell you which bus to take and which bus stop to alight at which was definitely very helpful while going to various buildings!

hopefully, you will find these useful while on your exchange at NUS ☺

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